I have been working with and training animals for over 23 years, I affectionately like to say that I train owners more so than the animal. Starting as a young girl, Me and my border collie, Sam, were involved in sheep herding trials where I quickly learned the ropes from some of the most senior and seasoned herders.

     My training philosophy is not one of a single “method” or training “tool”. Training tools in and of themselves are not good or bad, it is how they are used that makes them effective in training. My priority is to educate my clients on your dog’s behavior. Each dog is an individual and must be approached in this way. We should let the dog show us how to train based on the dog’s personality, social development, past and present behavior, aptitude for learning, and your goals. In most situations, there is often more than one possible approach or method to training. We should not try to make the dog fit into a singular “method” of training.

     I am firmly grounded in the belief that having a connection with your dog is vitally important. I truly believe that the connection you build with your dog through training will create a lifetime of joy and fulfillment you can’t find anywhere else.

Through training you and your dog will learn how to be true companions.

     It all started when I just got tired of seeing so much confusion and even dangerous information targeted toward dog owners. I knew it was time to simplify everything and start sharing my unique style with the world. My balanced connected dog training approach covers everything from basic obedience, puppy training, behavior modification and much more.

     My unique techniques and training style works on every dog, every breed, every age, ever time! I will make sure your goals are realistic to you and your dog, I will go on the journey with you. All of my training is custom to you and your dog, this ensures you are using the right techniques at the right pace for you. I love my clients and their dogs. I believe in creating a community of owners, dogs and trainers that are here to support you for a lifetime!

Submit your dog training and behavior questions to Joe by writing us at You can also inquire about private lessons and training with Joe by calling or texting 801.598.2809.

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