In a recent article, authored by Robert J. Debry and Associates, it recounted the history of our beloved town and how it got its name. Referendums are not new to our community, in fact, it is how Hideout came into being:

The relatively new town of Hideout was established in 2008 and is home to more than 800 people living in the mountainous region near the Jordanelle Reservoir. The city, developed by Mustang Development company, was established after the Utah State Legislature passed H.B. 466. The bill allowed a new town with 100 to 999 residents to be established if it had the signatures of the owners of the majority of the land area, reports a Deseret News article.

The bill did not require the consent of the residents. If a petition met these requirements, the county was required to grant the petition and appoint a mayor and town council. The bill was later changed to require the support of half the residents and it allowed for an elected mayor and town council. There also needed to be five petition sponsors. Under this revised law, the town of Hideout was incorporated in June 2008.

The town of Hideout is named after Hideout Canyon, a nearby canyon Utah Collections and Multimedia Encyclopedia says it is named for its history of providing sanctuary for rustlers who would steal horses and cattle from nearby ranchers and then hide in the canyon.

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