Luke’s Hot-Pot 1888-1947, AKA Stubbs Hot Pots 1947-1952, AKA Mountain Spaa 1952-2004. The Luke Family settled the property near several thermal hot springs and opened for visitors in 1888, though the family and others used it as early as 1875.   It is said that miners would go to “Luke’s” after a hard day in the mines!

The hotel opened in 1890 with 6 guest rooms. It was a restaurant, dance hall, spa and hotel.   Several ads from Salt Lake Newspapers advertised for bands that were playing at the hot pots and they invited the public to come listen and dance!

The Luke family maintained the hot pots for years. The hot springs drew church groups, family reunions and other social events. In the 40’s and 50’s many movie stars stayed at Luke’s Hot Pots.  Roy Rogers and Dale Evans were regular guests and Virginia Mayo and her husband were good friends of the Erwins. It was so popular that they sometimes had to put up a notice that the facility was closed to the “locals”  because they were full. Around 1952  Willard Draper and Eugene Payne took over ownership and made several improvements.  After Willard’s  death in 1958, Eugene  Payne and his family  kept it going.

Linda Payne (Eugene’s descendant)  ran it until around 2004.  The Wasatch County rumor mill was spinning a tail that in recent years,  Mountain Spaa was going to be restored to its former glory. As of 2018 the property was listed for $11M dollars and owned by Lesueur Investments out of Mesa, Arizona.

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