Mike Kohler will be Hideout’s new State Legislator, winning his election to the House of Representatives against Meaghan Miller. 

Kohler is a life-long resident of Midway, Utah. He grew up on his family’s dairy farm. He served on the Wasatch County Council for 16 years and has worked as a lobbyist representing the Utah Dairy Producers and other agricultural interests. He is a self-proclaimed “political junkie” and enjoys interacting with people to better help communities. 

When asked if he has any ideas for bills to run, Kohler responded, “not yet. I have more of a defensive rather than offensive approach when it comes to legislation.” Kohler shared his priority of protecting local control. “I don’t like when the legislature tries to fix a small issue with a statewide solution.” 

“I want to represent my community on the Hill. Soon I will start reaching out to local cities and school boards to get their ideas before the session begins,” Kohler said. 

We asked Kohler what issues he thinks the legislature will take on in the upcoming session. He said, “Tax structure imbalance is a big issue. We do have an imbalance that will cause a problem down the road but it is not an emergency yet. COVID surely has had an impact causing unforeseen state budget problems. This needs to be put on a path that may take several years to do it right. I believe businesses need to be given a priority in these discussions and the matter needs further public input.” He added that he will push for additional transparency and public input. 

Kohler said he wanted to play a role in helping Hideout solve their local issues by facilitating discussions with local stakeholders to find a solution. 

Kohler said he welcomes input from constituents, not just elected officials, and provided his cell phone number. He encourages residents to reach out to him directly 801.420.6158.

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