A citizen referendum has been filed regarding the Richardson Flats proposed development in Hideout. The Town Council voted 3-2 for the development after developer Nate Brockbank said he welcomed a referendum and a vote by the people. 

“I look forward to having the residents of Hideout have direct input on what happens in their community. This development will create a lot of opportunities for the Town including local shopping and recreation, more trail networks, a significant increase to the tax base which will result in better services, as well as housing options that fit the community’s needs,” Brockbank said. 

Brockbank said, “I’ve talked to numerous residents already about the project. Once I am able to share the details and answer questions, most people say they support the project. After we can get past the back-and-forth negativity coming from the neighboring municipal government, residents of Hideout get excited about the new opportunities this development will bring. That is why this vote is such a great thing.” 

Brockbank said it is his desire to interact with every single voter before the election. He plans to help gather signatures to show his support for a vote and will be holding several town hall meetings for residents to come ask questions and learn more about the project. 

Referendum organizers need to gather 75 signatures in order to qualify the issue for the ballot. This requirement is set by state statute. If the requisite number of signatures is gathered in time, the special election will be June 22. The Town Council anticipates the special election will be conducted through mail-in voting, just like the recent General Election. 

Organizers of the referendum refused to provide comments.

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