It is not news to Hideout residents that traffic into Park City can be a real mess. Our staff looked into some of the causes of this traffic congestion and even possible remediations. 


Gretchen Milliken was recently selected as the new Planning Director for Park City. In an interview with the Park Record, she outlined one of Park City’s biggest challenges very quickly.


“Congestion is obviously an issue,” Milliken said in an interview. Milliken’s early recognition of congestion as a key issue in the community is likely unsurprising to locals, who experience this problem first hand regularly. 


Traffic is an issue that becomes especially challenging when communities are growing and particularly in cities with more resources and amenities than the surrounding towns. This is very much the case for the traffic in Park City because residents of nearby towns, such as Hideout don’t have shopping options in their communities. Hideout residents have to drive to Park City and otherwise for necessities such as groceries, dining, and even fuel.


Typical commutes for Hideout residents to basic necessities in Park City look like this: 


Gas Station: 7.5 miles (10-18 min one way) 

Grocery Store: 8.2 miles (12-22 min one way)

Main Street Dining: 9 miles (14-24 min one way)


One solution to this traffic congestion is to develop local shopping opportunities in Hideout that will cut down on commutes to purchase necessities. The proposed development in Richardson Flat, for example, would provide local shopping options for Hideout residents including groceries and dining, without the traffic and lengthy commute into neighboring cities. 


Local shopping options, like the ones that could be offered by the Richardson Flat proposal, not only cut down on commutes but also improves air quality by reducing vehicle miles traveled. 


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